AOL is one of the widely used email services in the world. People using AOL email often complain about the account not working properly. The reason for that could be anything ranging from server problem to hacking. 


But how would you know if your account is hacked or not? Well, there are few signs to determine if your account is hacked or not. 


Signs of a hacked AOL account:


1. You’re not getting any new emails

2. Your contacts are receiving spam mail from your mail address.

3. On your recent activity page, you are seeing logins from unexpected locations.

4. Your settings may have been changed without your knowledge.


You could also check some of the mail internal settings like email filters, display name, Email signature, and blocked addresses. They may have changed these settings to trick into thinking that you are not getting any emails.


Now, that we’ve established that your account is hacked and someone else has access to it. You must take certain steps to protect it from hackers. There are various methods to recover your hacked account and you can start it by calling AOL customer support number .


Here are a few ways you can protect your account.


Change your AOL password – The first thing you need to do after suspecting hacking of your account is changing the password. This way the hacker won’t be able to access your account from the moment you changed the password of it. 


Here are the steps to change the password of your AOL account.


1. Sign in with your old password

2. Go to settings and click on the change password link

3. Now, enter the current password and create a new one


Tip: Always create a strong password that is the combination of lower and uppercase of character and also include the numbers and special characters.


Contacting AOL Customer Service Number 


One of the most favorable way of recovering from this kind of attack you can contact the support executives at AOL customer service number. 


You’ll get all your problems solved immediately because the executives at AOL phone number are trained professionals that are there to protect you from such devious attempts. The customer care executives should be able to guide you through the recovery process or do it themselves via remote accessing your computer. Don’t worry, it safe and secure for the customers and they won’t lose any data via remote access.



How to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account